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bit the bullet

got the friggin' tools. yes they made my work more accurate. but i felt like a monkey in class. i know that doesn't make any sense, i was just carrying out the assignments before, but the sensation was still drawing, not circus animal training. the knowledge, i'll get the knowledge, it will all be worth it...


Landor said...

The drawings look great! With practice, you should find the tools improve speed and accuracy, and they will become natural extensions of your hands. That will free you up to THINK about what you're really trying to draw.

When Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal reviewed the iPhone, he flailed with the screen's keyboard for several days, but on the 5th day everything clicked. I think you will have a similar learning curve with the staightedge and pin.

erik sanner said...

think? about what i'm drawing? are you serious? i'm not sure what to think about that. or feel about that. think - feel - hmmm.

but i like the automatic idea, the natural extensionness, thank you for that, man.

maybe if i don't think so much, i can draw a little bit more?