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i adore this postcard.

thank you. found it
particularly auspicious that this confusing thing met me a few minutes prior to the first session of the as-yet-unnamed inquiry into the purpose or function of art.

and very much enjoyed that as a few of us gathered at cafe forant to face a big question, a tree branch fell. read this as an encouraging omen, nature offering a bit of herself as both raw material and inspirational art fodder. so, here we have a contemporary "flower arrangement" - back in the day you wouldn't have seen two plastic cups, with a tree branch, and a plastic straw, and ice, right? very ephemeral, and the wind made sure of that, art is not eternal and nothing is static in this universe.

a few points touched on this evening, without much detail or connection. progress was made, no summation seems appropriate. context is important; extracting the general from the particular (or expressing the particular through the general); exercising the imaginative faculty; evolutionary necessity; the phillistine nature of brute representation as a motivating force; concentrative zenness state; interhuman empathetic rubic device.

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